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minimalist phone features: tools for productivity and focus boost

In today's digitally driven world, where technology dictates the rhythm of our lives, finding moments of simplicity and focus has become increasingly challenging. The constant barrage of notifications, social media feeds, and endless distractions from our smartphones can hinder our productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. However, by embracing the principles of minimalism and leveraging the power of minimalist phone, we can regain control over our digital lives and achieve a more intentional and balanced relationship with technology.

The app uses text elements instead of icons.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to open a specific app, but the home screen overwhelms you with an array of colorful icons, all shouting: 'Open me! Open me right away!'? It's no wonder—the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and approximately 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. However, here's the catch: when we are captivated by these attention-grabbing, vibrant icons, we are more inclined to impulsively tap on them, leading us down a rabbit hole of endless scrolling through social media feeds.

A defining characteristic of minimalist phone is its inherent minimalistic design. Straying away from the vibrant and attention-grabbing icons found on traditional smartphones, minimalist phone adopts a more subdued and understated approach. Instead of flashy visuals, apps are presented as simple text items, allowing users to focus on functionality rather than aesthetic distractions. What's more, users can rename these text-based app items, allowing them to personalize their phone's interface and align it with their organizational preferences. This minimalistic design approach not only declutters the home screen but also promotes a clean and serene user experience, enabling individuals to navigate their devices with ease and simplicity.

Pro TIP: 
„By simply long-pressing on icons such as the dialer, camera, or a time circle, individuals can change the default icons and assign their preferred apps for regular use. It can significantly shorten the time and effort required to access these applications, streamlining their smartphone experience and maximizing their productivity.”
minimalist phone home screen, user holds smartphone, in the background is a foggy window and rain
The app helps people spend less time on their smartphones. This is due to various functions.

Blocking apps

​​To further combat distractions and promote mindful smartphone usage, minimalist phone offers the capability to block apps for specific durations, ranging from 4 hours to 30 days. This powerful feature allows individuals to temporarily restrict access to any app of their choice. When attempting to open a blocked app during the specified duration, users are reminded of their original intention to avoid the app, serving as a gentle nudge to stay focused and minimize distractions. By consciously implementing app blocking, users can regain control over their digital habits, fostering a healthier relationship with their smartphones and promoting sustained productivity and concentration on the tasks that truly matter.

In-app time reminder

To support users in managing their time spent on social media or other entertaining apps, minimalist phone incorporates an in-app reminder feature. This powerful tool allows individuals to set time limits for specific apps, such as 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or a custom duration of their choice to stay in the app. Once the predetermined time limit is over, users receive a notification or reminder, prompting them to evaluate their continued usage. They have the option to either stay in the app longer or exit the app as per their initial preference. Those seeking a more stringent approach can enable the immediate app exit option. When the set time limit is up, users are promptly kicked out of the app, providing a more assertive reminder to help maintain their focus and productivity. There is also an option called “mindful extension delay,” which gives users time to reconsider whether they want to open the application. For 15 seconds, a loading circle is displayed on the screen. It serves as a break from using their device and provides them with time to change their minds to visit a specific application.

This in-app reminder feature serves as a valuable tool for individuals striving to establish healthier digital habits and strike a balance between screen time and other meaningful activities.

Mindful Launch Delay feature on minimalist phone.
This is how the Mindful Launch Delay feature works.

Notification filter

A standout feature of minimalist phone is its Notification Filter, empowering users to take control of their app notifications. With this feature, individuals can selectively allow notifications from chosen apps while suppressing notifications from others. The allowed notifications appear on the home screen, ensuring users stay informed about important updates. On the other hand, notifications from disallowed apps are redirected to a separate filter that is intentionally more difficult to access. By compartmentalizing non-essential notifications, minimalist phone minimizes distractions and helps users maintain focus. This feature enables individuals to prioritize their attention, ensuring that only the most relevant and essential notifications make their way to the home screen.

Hiding apps

minimalist phone offers the ability to hide apps, removing them from the menu list and keeping them out of sight. This feature allows users to declutter their smartphone interface and reduce visual distractions. By hiding certain apps, individuals can intentionally limit their access and minimize the temptation to open them frequently. The saying 'out of sight, out of mind' holds here, as hiding apps removes them from immediate view, helping users forget about them and maintain focus on more essential tasks and applications. 

Add to favorites

To enhance accessibility and ensure quick access to favorite apps, minimalist phone offers an 'Add to Favorites' feature. With this functionality, users can select apps from the menu list and incorporate them into a designated 'Favorite Apps' section on the main home screen. These favorite apps are presented as text items, creating a visually clean and streamlined interface. By having their most-used apps displayed on the main home screen, users can promptly access them without the need for extensive searching or navigating through multiple screens. This feature prioritizes convenience and efficiency, allowing individuals to have their essential apps at their fingertips.

And that’s not all. Along with apps, you can add website shortcuts to your favorites for quick access. Here’s how it works for websites in the Chrome browser:

  • Open Chrome and navigate to the website you want to add.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the advanced settings menu.
  • Select "Add to home screen."
  • A pop-up will appear, allowing you to name the shortcut and confirm its creation.
  • The new web shortcut will then appear in your app list, and you can move it to your favorite apps for easy access.

Creating folders

One of the key features of minimalist phone is the ability to create folders, providing users with an efficient way to organize their apps. By grouping apps in folders, individuals can declutter their home screens and menu lists. This feature allows users to conveniently categorize apps based on their preferences or related fields. For instance, one can create a folder named 'Social Media' and gather popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more within it. Similarly, users can create folders for apps they use less frequently or wish to reduce their usage. This organization method not only saves space on the menu list but also promotes a cleaner and more streamlined user experience, making it easier to locate and access apps when needed.

Renaming apps

Do you have a preferred naming style? No problem! You can easily change the name of any app to make it more appealing in text form while maintaining a simple, unobtrusive appearance without flashy icons. Many users add emojis at the beginning of the name to strike this balance. To rename an app, simply press and hold the app icon until a pop-up window appears. Then, select the “Rename” option and customize the text as desired.

Monochrome mode

The monochrome mode feature of minimalist phone offers users the ability to view selected apps in black and white. The true power of monochrome mode lies in its ability to contribute to reduced screen time. By rendering certain apps, especially those centered around images, social media, and games, in black and white, the visual appeal diminishes. The absence of color and vibrancy creates a less captivating experience, effectively curbing the impulse to spend excessive time on these apps. 

Monochrome mode feature on the minimalist phone app. It turns the content to be black and white color.
Monochrome mode changes the color content in apps to black and white. This will not attract so much attention and users will be motivated to spend less time on social media.

If you are curious about how minimalist phone work, you can give it a try for 7-days.

In a world dominated by smartphones and constant digital connectivity, the concept of minimalism offers a refreshing approach to reclaiming control over our lives. minimalist phone, with its unique features and design elements, empowers users to declutter their digital experience and cultivate a more intentional and mindful relationship with their devices. By embracing minimalist phone, individuals can leverage features such as the minimalistic design, app organization through folders, customization of default icons, app blocking, notification filtering, app hiding, in-app reminders, and monochrome mode to achieve a more streamlined and focused smartphone experience. These features encourage users to prioritize their time, reduce distractions, and foster productivity. With minimalist phone in hand, individuals can embark on a journey toward digital well-being, ensuring that technology serves as a tool for productivity, connectivity, and personal growth rather than a source of endless distractions.

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