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turn your android phone into a minimalist phone

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elegant interface that supports mindfulness

Smartphone addiction can affect your physical and mental health, your relationships and productivity. This minimalist launcher app can help you use your phone in a mindful way. Its simple and modern interface minimizes toxic usage patterns and extends your battery life*.

*applies to dark theme and OLED displays

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a minimalist phone designed to reduce your brain’s dopamine addiction

If the first thing you reach for when you open your eyes is your phone, then this app is for you. Download this app to help you shorten your daily screen time and turn your phone into a light phone alternative. Unlike other launcher apps, it was designed to direct your focus on your most productive apps and help you focus on what matters.

you control your phone (not the other way around)

A lot of thought went into the design for minimalist phone. It was created to improve your productivity and at the same time reduce your screen time to break your phone addiction. After using this light minimalist phone, you won’t want to go back.

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minimalist phone home screen with favorite apps white theme

use your phone
in a mindful way

With minimalist phone, you consciously decide which app to open and when. Open the apps that you need and avoid the apps that are distractions.

This app changed my life! I found myself checking my phone much less frequently. Suddenly I had more time for my studies and I even became better at managing my time.

Radovan, University Student

I didn’t know I needed this app before I had it! Product design of things I use is very important to me. My phone now looks clean and uncluttered and finally aligns with my high requirements.

Katarina, Architect

I really like the simple, clean interface and find myself only using the most important apps. Within a week I broke the habit of waking up to check my social media accounts and now I can focus better on more productive work.

Lucia, Marketing Specialist

Love it!

Martin, Software Engineer

all you need to know

how does it work?

minimalist phone is a custom home screen for android phones that replaces your default home screen. its unique and minimalist user interface is designed to support mindful phone use and avoid mindlessly spending hours on your phone with a traditional home screen.

is it safe for my phone?

yes, absolutely! you install the minimalist phone the same way you install other apps from your app store. you can uninstall it anytime and return to your default home screen (but we hope that won’t be needed!).

is my privacy protected if I download the app?

yes! we do not sell any personally identifiable information (PII) to 3rd parties. the application is GDPR compliant. for more details, please read our privacy policy.

what is it like to use?

when you use the minimalist phone, you quickly start to realize the unhealthy usage patterns your phone was causing. the peace of mind and happiness this minimalist phone brings is very addictive and you will not want to go back to your default home screen after using it for a few days.

will it work on my phone?

currently all android phones with os version 6.0 and higher, which represents the majority of currently active android phones, are supported.

download minimalist phone now and reduce your screen time

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