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6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Productivity Overnight!

If you are reading this, you are most likely procrastinating.
Fortunately, by the time you finish this, you will have the blueprint to be more productive and execute any tasks that stand in your way.
Here are the six steps I implemented in my life that allowed me to achieve immense productivity, and here is how you can do the same today!

STEP 1. The mindset shift that changed my perspective on productivity

Have you ever felt unmotivated and drained minutes after you sat at your desk and started working?
Well, I sure did! not until I learned these 6 methods.
I was struggling to write thousands of word essays for school and sending out hundreds of cold emails to clients for my marketing agencies each day.
Every time I started I had the feeling of discomfort and the constant urge to reach for my phone to distract myself from the pain.
So how did I get over this large obstacle of resistance… 
Understanding that every time anyone sits down to start a project our brain will inevitably feel discomfort. 

“No matter what project you are starting, your brain will always feel uncomfortable.”

Hence, you must push through that pain and keep going until you reach the flow state where the task becomes more enjoyable.
Incorporate the mindset of “If I can be productive when my brain does not feel like it, then I can finish work any time of the day, month, or year.”
Through this shift in a belief, I was able to strengthen and discipline my brain to be productive despite how I felt.
In the following steps, I will teach you how you can do the same!


If you have ever started a task and not prepared your mind and body before, you are hindering your productivity.
It is like going to a rifle battle without ammunition… you will lose!
The “state” is your current mood in the present moment.
The emotions you feel heavily dictate how effective and efficient you are going to be when working on a particular task.
If you're in a state of joy, calmness, fascination, and curiosity it will trigger your brain to feel more inclined to start the task and enjoy it.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your state:

  • Straighten your posture and body language to feel more confident.
  • Breath deeply and smile.
  • Think about how you’ll benefit from the information/ tasks.

Jim Kiwk, a mentor who teaches how to learn more effectively said:

“Many of us don’t remember what we learned in school… because we were in a state of boredom.”

Putting yourself in the right mood before tackling a task, will fire up your brain to start working!

STEP 3. Why Deep work sessions are the foundation of instantly improving your productivity.

When was the last time you were fully engaged in one thing? When did you shut off the noise and immerse yourself in one project? 
I used to struggle with focusing on one task, and in school, I was ranked below average for all my subjects, like English, Maths, or Science.
But, implementing 20 to 50 minutes of deep work sessions throughout the day has allowed me to instantly improve my productivity overnight.

“Within 3 weeks I was fully engaged with my work, completely immersed in large projects for my marketing company, and felt like my productivity was endless!”

What is deep work?
Deep work is spending uninterrupted time with complete focus on the task at hand. 
If you have never intentionally done a deep work session simply start with 10 to 15 minutes and slowly increase the time.
You’ll see how far your productivity can go! 
Here is an extra step that will assist you with your deep work session.

STEP 4. Pomodoro Timer!

You probably already heard about the Pomodoro timer, it is the technique of:

  • Select one task of your choice.
  • Set your timer for 25 minutes.
  • Work on the task until the timer goes off.
  • Once the timer goes off, take a five-minute break.

I recommend the free Pomodoro app “Focus To-Do” – It has a very easy and simple interface and I use it on my phone and computer.

STEP 5. Eliminating distraction!

The fight between staying focused and being distracted is an endless battle.
If you eliminate distractions you have already won the war and on your journey to obtaining massive productivity.

Here are the actions you must do to gain the most out of your deep work session:

  • Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode or turn it off completely. 
  • Put it in another room.
  • If you’re working on a laptop or computer, close any tabs that are unrelated to your task and turn off all notifications.

Also, I recommend you try the minimalist phone app – as it will eliminate features from your device that take away your attention and keep you from being distracted.

I personally use this app and it has reduced my screen time ten folds. The urge of checking my phone has been completely eliminated. If this is something of your interest you can download it here

“The results you will get from doing these simple actions, PLUS the deep work sessions will level up your productivity to new heights.”

STEP 6. Take breaks that leave your brain hungry for more work!

Do not neglect the 5-minute break period when finishing a deep work session.
This was the one innocent aspect that has held me back for years.
If you think consuming 5 minutes of content on social media is “resting” you have been lied to.
I too used to consume media on breaks, but what I didn’t realize is that a 5-minute video is actually a 30-minute video.

Wait… how?

Your mind is still thinking about the video despite you finishing it!

Here are 2 healthy ways to take breaks:

  1. Studies have shown that going outside helps recover your mind’s focus and fatigue.
  1. Getting out of your room/ office and simply letting your mind wander by daydreaming or zoning out has similar benefits to meditation – Shown in a rapport from Science magazine.

When I started incorporating these types of breaks it was very difficult.
Doing the action of zoning out or going outside for a walk was tedious…
But man when I came back to my desk I felt so much more relaxed and productive.


“The purpose of a break is to rest your mind so you can come back and enter another deep work session. So make sure you return to your desk after the timer is up.”


Remember that your brain will always feel discomfort when it starts a task, just embrace it and keep going until TIMER is up.
Be in the right state before entering a deep work session for great productivity.
Remove all distractions before starting a deep work session such as turning off the phone, and remove all tabs except the ones you need if using a laptop or computer.
Lastly, when taking breaks, be intentional to not go and consume media but instead let your mind wander, as this will recover your brain for the next deep work session.
Follow these steps and your productivity will skyrocket – finally say bye to procrastinations and distraction!

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Khiem Nguyen

Khiem is an experienced copywriter who helps businesses build trust and deepen the connection between their audience and their brand. Turn your phone into a minimalist phone.