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minimalist phone ambassador program (affiliate program for an app)

what is an ambassador program or affiliate marketing?

Ambassador program is a type of performance-based marketing where content publishers (influencers, website operators) receive a commission each time they generate a sale for promoting a company’s products or services.

how does it work?

If you want to become an ambassador, you can sign up below to receive your own referral link. Promote the app by sharing this link on your social media channels. Your followers can install the minimalist phone app on their Android devices via this link.

For every purchase made by the users you referred in their first year of using the app, you will receive 10% of the sale price.

Example: In the first month your ambassador link generates 1000 purchases of the full version of the app which is priced at $9.99 (w/o VAT). Since you generated $9990 in revenue, you will be paid $999 the following month.

The commission you have earned for the month is always paid out the following month. Payments will be by the Impact platform.

In addition, you can receive a full version of minimalist phone once you are accepted into the ambassador program.

sounds great. how can I start?

If you want to join the minimalist phone ambassador program fill press the button below and fill out the registration form. Please be aware that participation in the ambassador program is subject to our approval.